1. joined, linked, tied, bound, spliced, fastened, lashed; chained, coupled, linked; secured, anchored, moored; conjoined, conjoint, subjoined, fixed, affixed, attached, annexed; tacked, stapled, hooked, nailed, pinned, riveted; fused, soldered, welded; taped, glued, cemented; sealed; clasped, buttoned, buckled.
2. merged, combined, associated, consociated, amalgamated, consolidated, incorporated; united, unified, leagued, allied, confederated, federated; in union, in league, in alliance; in common, in conjunction, in association.
3. mutual, shared, common, communal, collective; cooperative, cooperating, collaborative, collaborating, coordinated, coordinate, synergetic, synergistic; concerted, coactive, hand in hand, arm in arm; coali-tional, conjunctive, conjugate, conjunct, corporate, corporative; concordant, agreeing, concurrent, con-sentual, consentaneous, consentient, concomitant.
4. related, affinal, affined, affinitive, agnate, cognate, Gram. paronymous; correlative, Bot. homogenous, alike; kindred, akin, sib; pertinent, relevant, appropos, germane, to the point, apt, apposite.
5. adjoining, joining, conjoining, contiguous, abutting, tangential, tangent, contactual, touching, meeting, Obs. attingent; adjacent, bordering, skirting, edging, proximate, juxtapositional, juxtaposed, next to, Inf. right next to, Inf. next door to.

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